A BIG HUGE THANK YOU for joining me on my first TEACHABLE journey! I must say that it has been a pleasant experience. As I mentioned in the video, below are some resources that I feel will be helpful for you.

I promise you, as you practice showing up in the world as your authentic self, magic happens! However, remember, this is a process — don't give up! Remember your WHY because it will pull you through the tough times.

Thanks again and I hope you will recommend this course to others and join us again for other courses are in the works!


  • 30 Types of Self-Sabotage (and What to Do About It) - Learn how to get out of your own way.

  • Five Ways To Learn What People Really Think About You

  • Why We Self-Sabotage - And what factors cause you to flip the switch.

  • Wellness Tools

  • Discover A New Future Archived Show

  • Discover A New Future