ACTIVITY: What Do You See?

“Our perception is our reality!”

Take a few minutes and ponder this quote? How does it relate to the topic at hand — “Who Am I?”

Write what comes to mind in your journal/notebook.


Now, look at the above picture and write what your initial response is.

Is the glass empty or half full?

How we perceive things is directly related to how we respond to them. Let me explain. If I perceive a glass of water to be half full and that there is more water where this came from, then I am looking at it from a viewpoint of abundance and may drink it all at once or even throw it away. If, on the other hand, I perceive it to be empty and that more is not available or may be difficult to get, then I am looking at it from a shortage perspective and will definitely respond differently. I may only take small sips to ensure that it lasts for a long time. 

The important thing is that your perception may be distorted because you are looking through a tainted lens. What do I mean? Sometimes the bars that you identified in the first exercise may distort your vision. As a result, you may make decisions that are not in your best interest and could hurt you and those you love and care about. 


Go back and look at the prison bars you identified in the previous lecture. Using your top 3 choices, take a few minutes and think how each of them could have been influenced by your response to the question, “Is this glass half full or half empty!”