ACTIVITY: Tips for Gaining Clarity

The video gave you 7 strategies, for want of a better word, that can help you to gain clarity regarding who you are.

Your assignment (if you choose to accept it) :-)

PART A: Choose two of the seven strategies that you think will give you the most insight and journal about them. Of course, you can do more if you would like!


1. What's been a common theme in your life? What's something that people would say about you in each job you've held?

2. What skills come to you naturally? How could you possibly use those to make a living? (Get creative, this is just a brainstorming activity.)

3. What types of things do friends, colleagues or family usually seek your input for? (Give at least 3 actual examples of when this has occurred.)

4. What's one moment or accomplishment that made you feel really confident? What were you doing, and what part of it brought you the most joy?

5. What would you do for nothing? If you didn't have to worry about money, what would you be doing? (Again, this is just hypothetical.)

6. What's something that, when immersed in it, you lose track of time?

7. What gets your blood boiling? What's a problem in the world that you'd love to fix?

PART B: What did you learn about yourself and how can this new information help you in some of your future goals?