About your instructor - Faith Saunders

Welcome to WHO AM I. This is such a simple question, but it is one that can be challenging to answer. Hence, it is imperative that you answer it from a nonjudgmental and honest space. Doing so allows you to see through new lens which sheds light on opportunities that you may have overlooked — unconsciously or consciously. Hence, the overall objective of this course is to help you to take an introspective look at your life so that you can...

  • Identify your strengths and build on them
  • Identify those areas that need to be adjusted because they are getting in your way

My name is Faith Saunders or you may also hear, Faith McCalla same person! I am the founder and CEO of Discover A New Future — a New Jersey-based company that provides professional development and leadership trainings and consultation services. Before going any further, I think it would be best if I share a little about myself considering that we are going to be spending quite a bit of time together.

I am originally from Jamaica, West Indies. I migrated to the United States 30+ years ago at the age of 20 years old. What makes this significant is that I came here without my family. My journey was especially difficult during the early years for many reasons. For instance,

  • I was young and had no clue who I was!
  • I was trying to figure things out in a strange country
  • I had little or no supports.

However, through many trials and errors, I somehow found my way.

A few more things about me:

  • I am the parent of two adult children — my greatest accomplishments :-)
  • I have been a trainer for close to 26 years
  • I have a masters in Psychiatric Rehabilitation from Rutgers University and also was an adjunct instructor there
  • am the author of 2 books and various wellness tools

The above are merely accomplishments and titles. Want to know who I am?

I AM...

“A person who is working very hard at making the world a better place than it was when I got here!”