ACTIVITY: Rate Yourself


Adapted from 30 Types of Self-Sabotage (and What to Do About It) by Alice Boyes Ph.D.

Rate yourself in following self-sabotaging patterns using a 1 – 7 scale in which 1 = “Not a problem at all” and 7 = “This is a big problem for me.”  

  1. You expect yourself to succeed in making life changes without designating any time or mental space to accomplish them.
  2. You’re a perfectionist who is dismissive of incremental improvements, and you’re only satisfied when 100 percent of a problem is fixed.
  3. You’re too busy to come up with processes or systems that would help you better manage your time.
  4. You ignore the warning signs that you need a break.  
  5. You hold back from doing the things you want due to erroneous “I can’t….” thoughts. For example, you think “I can’t take a dance class until I’ve lost weight.”
  6. In situations in which you can choose to be happy or miserable, you choose to be miserable. 
  7. You overcomplicate solutions to problems. You think and research endlessly, trying to find perfect solutions.
  8. You complain about other people’s behavior when you need to make the same change yourself.  
  9. You operate based on how you think a situation should be rather than dealing with reality. For example, you think your partner should be able to remember to do a particular task, so you don’t write instructions when writing instructions, and putting them in view would solve the problem. 
  10. You self-generate stress. For example, you start more projects than you have time to finish.
  11. You’re self-critical when self-acceptance and compassion would have a more positive impact on your behavior and emotions.
  12. You repeat strategies for trying to influence others that aren’t effective 90+ percent of the time.

HOW TO SCORE: Consider addressing any habit you’ve rated a 5 or above.